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Commercial Driver Legal Plan

If you have your CDL Designation, you know the amount of responsibility placed on your shoulders when you're behind the wheel.  Your livelihood depends upon being on the road. If you ever have an unexpected legal situation, you and your spouse will have access to a qualified law firm with the tap of an app.


The law firm is available to you on and off the road, whether you have a small legal matter or a big one.


What makes this plan so great is the fact that the law firm is paid in advance.  When you call, their primary concern is helping you through your situation and not billing you.


You and your spouse will have coverage for:


• Tragic Accident Representation

• Property Damage Collection

• License Reinstatement

• Personal Injury Collection

• CSA Consultation

• Moving Violations

• DOT and Non-Moving Violations

• All Other Transportation Related Legal Work  

Driving without the protection of this legal plan could leave you in a costly situation.

Click here to see details of the Commercial Drivers Legal Plan.

For more information and to enroll, click here for the registration page.

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