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Legal Service Plans

I never thought attorneys were for me.  I always thought they were only for rich people or situations like divorce or child custody.  I didn't realize all of the times when using an attorney could have helped me get what I actually wanted. 


Now that I have a Legal Service Plan, I am a big fan of attorneys.  

They help me with my "day-to-day" issues like:

• why I can't build my shed in a certain spot and if I want to - how?

• interpreting a court summons from a traffic accident I wasn't at 

   fault for AND I thought was already taken care of

• speeding tickets

• getting my estate planning in order

• questions about custody changes

• and more!


Through the power of numbers, this company does collectively what the wealthy can afford to do individually. In fact, they have partnered with a network of law firms across the country giving our clients nationwide coverage.  

There are coverage plans for specialties other than just a personal/family plan.  Plans are available for Small Businesses Owners with businesses of 100 employees or less as well as offering it as a Voluntary Benefit for employers in companies of any size.  


There is also protection available for CDL folks and Law Officers.   


To learn more, here are a few links:

Click Here to learn about the Personal Legal Plan

Click here to learn about Small Business Legal Plans

Click here to learn about Legal Plans for Commercial Drivers

Click here for information on the Law Officers Legal Plan

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Jennifer Bell

LegalShield Independent Associate


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