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Identity Theft Protection Plans

Oh my goodness, do we live in a crazy world or do we live in a crazy world? With John trying to be Bob and Mary pretending to be Helen, it's just madness! 
Identity Theft is a major problem. That is no secret.  It's the fastest growing white collar crime and at a staggering rate.  Every 2 seconds a person's identity is being stolen.

But let's not be so bleak!

There is a chance to fight back.  Of course we cannot prevent people from being evil, but we can protect ourselves.


If someone were using your Social Security Number, who would you call?  What would you do?  

A couple who had been a victim of identity theft for 10 years, discovered our identity theft protection plan and signed up.  You see, they had been suffering from the ramifications of of identity theft that whole time.

In those 10 years, they were unable to get credit, obtain a loan or even get insurance.  They had to pay cash for everything. In that entire time, they couldn't solve their problem of identity theft.  


Thankfully when they got our identity theft protection plan, they were able to turn over their issue to the licensed private investigators who took control of the situation.  In a matter of weeks, they resolved their identity theft crisis and had them back to the way they were before the identity theft situation had occurred.

The resolution process is my favorite part of the identity theft protection plan. If you are anything like me, you are busy and adding something like identity theft to your daily agenda would make you quite stressed.  The resolution process helps take away all that stress. You simply get the licensed private investigator the information he/she needs, sign a Limited Power of Attorney, and let him/her go to work on your behalf.

The services will also provide you with monitoring of everything that matters.  Not only will they be looking out for financial theft but also things that hit us even deeper: social security number fraud, drivers license misrepresentation, medical insurance theft, criminal character fraud and your children's identity.

You will also have access to the licensed private investigators for consultation services in case you just have questions or something strange happened or you lost your wallet.


Click here to learn more about one of the best forms of protection you and your family will have.

To enroll in the identity theft protection plan, click here to reach our enrollment site.

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