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Small Business Legal Plan

What if a debt collection letter was just a phone call away?


What if you could call your attorney the next time you have an issue with a vendor?

What do you do when you have employee related questions?

Small Business Owners face a lot of the same challenges as big businesses. The problem is they function on a Small Business Budget. 


So what does this mean?  A lot of the time, reaching out for assistance from professionals who can easily help, might not be affordable. 

Thankfully there is an affordable way to get quality legal advice and services by getting a Small Business Legal Plan.  This Legal Plan works by the power of numbers.  Many companies paying a low monthly premium creates a significant chunk of money.  This allows each of these businesses who pay their low monthly premium to access top rated attorneys in their state to help them with things like:


• Unlimited Telephone Legal Consultations

• Debt Collection Letters

• Document or Contract Review

• Trial Defense Hours

• Employee Handbook creation

• Legal Correspondence

• and more!

There are three levels of protection based on the needs of your company so you pay for the protection you need.

Click here for a printable version of the details of a Small Business Legal Plan.

Click here to see more details.

Adding Trial Defense Services to your Small Business Legal Plan is affordable and wise.  You can add this to the Pro or Plus Small Business Legal Plans.  Check out the details here. 

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