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You are driving down the road, a little faster than the speed limit because let’s face it, it happens!!! Besides, it’s late, you’re tired, and you just want to get home and go to bed. Can you relate???


Next thing you know, you have flashing red and blue lights in your rearview mirror. That’s right, you’re

getting pulled over for speeding. Yay!!  


The officer comes to your door and asks if you know why he pulled you over. You admit that you were driving too fast but you’re just tired and really want to get home. He asks for your driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration, then he tells you to sit tight as he walks back to his car to run a check on your license.


The longer he takes, the more restless you become. WHY is this taking so long? What is he doing back there? Is this ticket going to be massive???  So much for that special present you were going to buy yourself with that tax return money.


The officer starts back to the car and tells you he discovered you have a warrant out for your arrest, and you are going to have to go with him.


What goes through your mind? 


“I’m a good person. I have never done anything wrong. What is this guy talking about?” And then you start to say what EVERY criminal says, “Officer, you have the wrong person. I’ve never done anything wrong.”


What do you think the officer thinks? I mean, COME ON!!!  He’s heard this line of bologna a million times before!


But here’s the catch, you really ARE innocent. You haven’t ever done anything wrong. Now what??? How in the world are you going to convince this officer that YOU ARE INNOCENT?


What are you going to do?



You are ready to buy your first home. It's so exciting!!  You have started house hunting and can't wait to get into your very own home!!   After finding some great potential first home candidates, you sit down with a lender only to find out you don't qualify for another home loan.  ANOTHER home loan??   BUT you have never bought a home??  So you ask for details on this "other home."  This is when you find out that even though you live in Colorado, you have a home loan, furniture loan AND boat loan in TEXAS!


There’s no way! You would definitely have remembered all that!













It’s no exaggeration – there is a massive identity theft problem in our world. People don’t want to live their own lives anymore… they want YOURS! 


Our information is being swapped and traded, bought and sold, used and abused.


Strangers can become you, create a life in a completely different city or state and impose a BIG problem for you.

You may be reading this and wondering, “How? How can someone become me?” 


You have personally identifying information that pertains only to you. When another person obtains that information, they can, in a sense, BECOME you. When your social security number is taken, a person can use it to do quite a few things. Just think of all the things you do with your social security number.

- Get a job

- Get a driver’s license

- Start a company

- Collect your tax return

- Commit a crime

- Get a home loan

- Get a furniture loan

- Get a car loan

- I could keep going with this list… 


It is important to understand what a person can do if they obtain your social security number. With each of these things, your reputation can be negatively affected and YOU didn’t do anything to deserve the damaging ramifications.


Let’s be honest: a thief can cause quite a bit of destruction to your good name. 





Thieves get your information through a variety of methods, and most of these methods are getting easier and easier. Why go dig through a garbage can for a thrown-out piece of mail when they can sit in their homes and tap into your computer, a company’s database, or buy it on the dark web?


There are ways you can protect yourself on your own, but truthfully, with the number of data breaches and exposures, your personal information is out there and available to the right buyer


That does NOT mean you give up on protecting your information. That would be CRAZY. There is nothing worse than giving up. You should be diligent about protecting your information. 


Install a firewall, antivirus software, antispyware software, use encryption hardware, use very secure and complicated passwords, and always set your internet browser security settings to a level you are comfortable with. These are things you NEED to do


Let’s take it one step further. Who’s watching your identity? Are you diligent about monitoring what is going on with your information? Do you track the movements of the dark web? 


Of course you don’t!! You have a life you are trying to live. If you are anything like me, and I’m guessing if you’ve read this far you’re like me, all you want to worry about is your family, getting to work to provide for your family and enjoying life. You do not want to have to worry about checking the dark web every minute of every day to see if your information has been bought, sold or traded.


The best thing, the coolest thing, is that there are services out there that do the work for you



I have researched a variety of services to see which performs the best. There are many services that do great things but there is one that stands out above the rest when you look at all the levels of service they provide.

What if you could hire the top-rated risk management firm in the world? A company who has been monitoring and restoring identities since 1972, long before identity theft became a publicized issue. A company whose expertise comes from a variety of backgrounds in law enforcement, debt collection, banking, insurance, and more.



- Black Market Website Surveillance

- Global Black Market Chat

- Address Change Verification

- Court Records Monitoring

- Credit Inquiry Alerts

- Quarterly Credit Score Tracker

- Payday Loan Monitoring

- Minor Identity Protection

Talk about comprehensive monitoring! You are probably wondering what happens when a situation occurs. It’s great that they are monitoring everything and sending alerts if something happens but what then??


If you are ever a victim of identity theft, this provider of monitoring services ALSO provides its clients with COMPLETE restoration services. What does that mean?


Do you work?

Do you have a family?


Do you enjoy your free time?

Do you like spending all your free time on the phone listening to elevator music?





If you are a victim of identity theft, you will be assigned a LICENSED PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR. That investigator will discuss with you the steps that need to be taken, have you send them the necessary information they need, and have you sign a limited power of attorney.  What does that do?  Allows them to start going to work on your behalf. That’s right! They will do the dirty work for you.


AND the best part is their guarantee. It’s a $5 Million Service Guarantee! In a nutshell, they will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to restore your identity. That means they WILL NOT STOP until your identity is restored








Does this sound like a foreign language or do you understand the depth of the service?


Here are some examples:



What if someone was trying to take out a loan in your name? When the creditor runs the credit check, you would receive a notification. When we refinanced our mortgage, the lender ran a credit check on us. Within minutes, I had an email notifying me there was an inquiry made to my credit and they wanted to verify it was me. Wow!!!



One of my good friends had a medical procedure done. She checked in to the clinic in the morning and when she went home in the afternoon, she had an email notification inquiring whether she had a procedure done.


Did you know Medical ID Theft is a major concern? Do you have any allergies? What about a specific blood type? What if someone took your Medical ID number, went to the doctor and changed your blood type? What if they changed your allergies????





Because you have made it this far, I know you want to know who is providing this AMAZING coverage.


So who is providing this AMAZING coverage? This is a company with a team of licensed private investigators who has been in business since 1972.  What does that mean to you?  Just because identity theft is a "hot topic" now, they are not some start up trying to make a bunch of money off a trending problem.  You will get this unmatched coverage I speak of from THE leading risk management firm!  I think you would agree that they make some pretty incredible promises. It’s true, they do! The Federal Trade Commission, which goes after companies that make unrealistic claims to the public, has never had to fine them because their top-notch service fully delivers on their promises. They CAN DO IT!!


As I mentioned before, think of it as having your own personal assistant. Have you ever had a personal assistant? Dreamed of having a personal assistant? Why would you want a personal assistant? So you don’t have to DO EVERYTHING!! Doing everything yourself TAKES FOREVER!!


You might think this service would cost a lot.  That is what is so great!  It's completely affordable.  A family can be covered for $19.95/month and an individual for just $9.95/month!!












The scenario I posed at the beginning is similar to a true story. A young gentleman in Texas was driving home late at night and was pulled over for a burnt-out tail light. The officer was a friend from church so he told the man it was a simple stop, he would let him go, but he needed to quickly run his license first. When the officer came back to the car, he asked the man, “What in the world have you been up to? I’ve gotta take you in. There are multiple misdemeanors and felonies on your record,” (over 100 combined)!!


The man in the car was a member of a legal plan. He asked the officer if he could call his attorney. The officer said, “If you can get your attorney on the phone, I’ll get my captain out of bed.”


The man pushed his 24/7 Emergency access button on his legal plan’s app and was on the phone with his attorney within a minute. His attorney then got FIVE other attorneys from the surrounding states on the phone to find out that the man had been a victim of identity theft. His wallet had been stolen out of his car and his identity was sold 300 times. The buyers then committed multiple criminal acts in his name, racking up quite the criminal record.


The attorneys were able to keep him from going to jail that night. AND, enlisting the help of a licensed private investigator, they were able to clear his record and restore his identity back to pre-theft status. When he went into the precinct to give the captain the needed information the following week, the captain was beyond impressed with the access this young man had to the team of attorneys at his beck and call







This legal service plan attracted the leading risk management firm.  They joined forces in 2003 because the licensed private investigators recognized that 70% of identity theft situations turn into a legal matter. The investigators could restore people’s identities but not provide the legal representation that so many people needed.


The combination of the two services creates a well-rounded advantage for families who otherwise wouldn’t have access.



I’m pretty passionate about these services. I could tell you HUNDREDS of stories that I have found from members of this service. So many lives have been changed just by having a membership.


As with a lot of services these days,  you’re probably expecting some astronomical fee that you’ll be expected to pay for a service like this. Again, IT’S AFFORDABLE! 


These two plans combined cover families (member + member spouse/domestic partner/significant other + children) for $39.90/month and individuals for $27.90/month.


Take action now!!!  Click below to learn more or fill out the form above to have additional details emailed to you.  

Here's another scenario:


Isn't that INCREDIBLE!?!?!?

This service will monitor everything that matters!

What if I told you, you could have your very own personal assistant do the heavy lifting for you?

Can you see the potential problem here?

YES! Send me more information!!

I want to learn how I can better protect my identity.

Tell me more about what they can do for me!!!

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