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Who Would Have Thought? - My career path took a 180 turn.

Any chance you’re looking for ways to make work life a little better?

I know when I owned my wonderful bakery in California, I loved the people I served, the amazing vendors I worked with and the wedding environment. What I didn’t love was the time commitment and time away from my babies. Of course I am the type of person who needs to stay busy. I need something to do in order to feel accomplished. I just didn’t like what it did to my personal time. Actually wait, what personal time?

Jen Kwapinski in Next Great Baker

I owned Jen’s Cakes for 14 years when I decided to remarry and move to Colorado. I had just completed Cake Boss’s: The Next Great Baker and I was on Cloud 9 as far as a cake decorator is concerned. The business was doing fantastic. So why did I leave? Why didn’t I open a bakery in Colorado?

The truth is, owning a bakery is really fun but really time consuming. You are busy Tuesday through Sunday and you can never go out on Friday nights with friends, cannot go on vacation and its really hard to participate in events with your kids. You know, things like field trips and other fun things.

When I moved to Colorado I wanted to start over. I wanted a Monday – Friday, 9-5 job that I could go home at night and on the weekends and forget about. You know, get a pay check on a consistent basis, paid vacation and sick time, and benefits. When I started to look for work, I quickly realized that I didn’t “qualify” for anything I felt I was worthy of because I didn’t have a college degree. WOW! I had ran my own business for 14 years but I didn’t qualify for much more than $10/hour.

I ended up interviewing with an insurance company and really liked the manager. Who would have thought I would become an insurance agent from cake decorator? I did. And the even crazier part is, I liked it. I realized that I was actually helping people understand what in the world was going on. I realized I was able to work directly with people that I grew to care about. It has been amazing.

While working with one particular client, I was told about a company who provides access to an attorney for things like getting your will done, needing assistance with a company who is treating you poorly, getting legal advice for situations that pop up, having legal correspondence done for you when you feel like you’re being taken advantage of, and so much more. She told me of the many times having this service would have come in handy in her life had she only known about it sooner.

I immediately started to think of all the times I could have benefited from the services both as a person and as a business owner. I mean my divorce would have been covered!! I paid $2000 to an attorney for an uncontested divorce and it would have been covered with this membership at no additional cost. What???? How crazy is that?

I would have had a law firm to call when the moving company took $648 from me. I could have called when I had employee issues. I could have had help with my wedding cake contract I used with my wedding clients so it was actually a contract. There were so many things.

Then I started to think about all of my friends, family and clients who would really benefit from a service that was so affordable. All of us need a will but they are costly and can be time consuming. All of you have run ins with a company or store owner that will not help you get what is rightfully yours when they make a mistake. People find themselves in situations they never thought they would be in and because they never expected it, they don’t know who to turn to in order to get help or answers.

It just made sense to me!

THEN she started to tell me about a program that would give me protection against identity theft. This program would watch out for actions on the dark web that would be compromising where my information was going. She told me about a guy who had been pulled over for a burnt out tail light. When the officer ran his license, he found out the man had 87 misdemeanors and 43 felonies on his record. It turned out that his wallet had been stolen and his identity sold 300 times. Those who bought his identity then went out and committed crimes leaving him responsible for their actions.

This company has a program that would have notified him of these incidences and then given him a licensed private investigator to make it all right again.

I just started thinking about my family and my husband and my kids and my friends and how much they needed this protection. I don’t want anyone I love to be stressed out and have to deal with an identity theft crisis on their own. I had no idea something like this existed. It was mind blowing.

I started telling everyone about it. Now, I’m not going to lie. Not everyone is as excited as I am about it but everyone does see value in it and everyone thinks of someone who they know that could use the membership.

I started feeding referrals to this woman and after the 4th referral, she told me that I could offer the product and get paid for selling memberships too. I said, “REALLY????”

That definitely made sense.

Here is the bottom line, I love what I do because I can decide when I work, if I want to go on vacation, how much money I want to make and I get to help people. I solve problems.

So what does this mean for you?

A career like mine has the potential to offer you time freedom, financial freedom, and massive satisfaction. But it doesn’t mean you just sit around on the couch waiting for opportunities. You do have to “go to work.”

This is the great thing, whether you are looking for an extra $500/month or looking to replace your existing income, either is possible. What I love is there are no limitations. You can work hard and get paid what you earn rather than some predetermined hourly rate or salary that is capped no matter how hard you work.

There are a lot of companies out there that make promises of grandiose income potential. I’m going to tell you this is definitely a company capable of a very nice 6 or 7 figure income. BUT let’s get real. You have to commit and put in the work and time to get your business off the ground in order to achieve numbers like that.

A lot of people start the business because they see the huge benefit in having the membership, they want to help people, and why not get paid to do it. Someone is going to make a commission on the sale, why not you? Or maybe they are like me and actually like the existing career choice but just want to enhance their income by bringing in an additional income stream. I love helping people with Medicare. It would be hard to just walk away from that. And I love LegalShield.

To learn more about this opportunity, watch this video and then contact me via phone or email. Click Here to watch video.

I look forward to helping you create a future you deserve.

Opportunity knocks everyday, when are you going to let it in?


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