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What do you know about COVID-19 regulations?

There is A LOT of talk about COVID-19. Organizations are publishing article after article. New regulations are coming out daily. Talk of Stimulus packages are floating around.

It can all be quite confusing.

As an individual or family, you wonder what you need to do.

Can you go to work? Do you HAVE to go to work? Will you get pulled over if you need to run to the grocery store? What if you cannot pay your rent because you're not working? How do you get out of a daycare contract when you are forced to stay home with your children?

Business Owners have a whole different ball of wax to worry about.

What are your obligations to protect your employees?

Can you ask employees to get tested for COVID-19?

Are you required to allow employees to work at home?

Are there any new laws around altering your paid sick leave policy?

And much more. Click here

Let's face it. We are all feeling the weight of the COVID-19 restrictions. I personally have never experienced times like these in my lifetime.

A friend of mine is a landscaping contractor. He has been dealing with the pressure of COVID-19 like the rest of us. He wonders "Should I send my guys out to work?" "Will my guys get in trouble for being on the road?" "Will I have fines for sending my guys out?" "How do I keep my crews safe and protected?"

Fortunately he has legal resources at his fingertips to give him access to all of these questions.

I am talking about a legal protection plan. He isn't some sort of special, millionaire business owner. He's a regular person just like you and me. He wants to have answers to everyday questions that he faces, but not just for his business, for his employees too.

The Legal Protection Plan can give you access to legal information during this time. Our law firms are open and ready to help you get through the tough times.

Families/Individuals: $24.95/month Click here for more information.

Small Business Owners: $39/month (10 employees or less), $89/month (50 employees or less), $149/month (100 employees or less) Click here for details.

(Employee Benefit plan information available upon request.)

With everyone being online now with most of us are working from home, the risk of someone watching your every virtual move is heightened. Having a strong identity theft protection plan in place that gives you the assistance of a Licensed Private Investigator will provide you with the peace of mind you're looking for. Remember, criminals never stop working.

Families (up to 10 dependents): $24.95/month

Individuals: $9.95/month

Identity Theft Protection details click here.

My hope is that we will all stay safe and informed through this time of uncertainty. Keep your heads up. Never let the weight of a problem hold you down. Keep pressing forward. Take this time to educate yourself and either expand your current knowledge base or learn something totally new.

It will most likely get worse before it gets better. How you turn out on the other side is up to you. I hope you will keep on growing.


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