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Do I Really Need Legal Advice?

When you have NEVER used an attorney before, you start to wonder if you ever will OR if you really need an attorney to get through life. Besides, who wants to spend that much money for an opinion?

But is it JUST an opinion?

Many of us face challenges yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly or even daily and yet the last person we think to ask for advice is an attorney. Why?

Attorneys are EXPENSIVE! At $200/hour or more, its hard to justify calling an attorney for a $500 problem let alone a $15 problem.

I think we would all agree though that we can make some pretty major decisions each year. Decisions that effect our personal, professional and financial lives. Things like getting a Will, facing probate with the loss of a loved one, buying a home, selling a car, signing a proposal for employment, enrolling a child in a summer program, facing an identity theft situation, and the list goes on and on and on.

So what if you could simply tap an app and be connected to a top rated attorney, who specializes in your area of need, and get legal advice BEFORE making one of these decisions? Would you do it if you could? My guess is YES, of course you would! Who wouldn't??

When making life changing decisions, being able to consult with a top legal mind, allows you to have a certain level of confidence that is sometimes hard to find when talking to just friends and family members.

Now let's get to the day to day fun. What if your favorite shirt is ruined at the dry cleaners and the cleaner pointed to the sign that read "Not Responsible For Lost or Damaged Items"?

What if your cell phone carrier was over charging you and refused to refund all the money they had over charged you?

What if you bought a new car and it was a lemon and you had a run around with the dealer?

How about your neighbor building a fence on your property line?

Or your dog bites a neighborhood resident?

Ever known someone to get ripped off by their medical insurance company? They had a pre-qualified procedure that then became non-qualified after it was completed.

What would you do in these situations? I mean, surely you wouldn't call an attorney! OR would you?

All of these seemingly small yet very frustrating examples ARE legal issues. We are so accustomed to avoiding attorneys because they cost too much OR we don't know who to call OR they intimidate us OR when you needed one in the past he/she didn't return your call. We need a mindset change.

Having a Legal Protection Plan allows you to access a top rated law firm in your state by using the power of numbers. When many people pay a small amount to a law firm, you get amazing results.

Think of it like a company you might work for. There are many people doing different jobs in order to create a product or service. Collectively, a lot can be done. Individually, its much more time consuming and expensive.

Because you may have never used an attorney in the past, I can understand any hesitation to even consider having a legal plan. But let's look at it this way, you have purchased A LOT of things that are in your home that you don't use all the time: your TV, a bicycle, the lawn mower, fruit in the fridge, the dishwasher, and even your vehicle. BUT when you need that item AND its there, you're more than happy that you have it "lying around".

This is exactly how the legal plan works! When you need it, its there. Honestly, people need it more than they know. There are many situations that could be resolved if you only had a little legal muscle.

I want you to feel like you actually do have control of your life. The wind doesn't just have to blow you around in whatever direction it deems necessary. Its time to change the game.

Not only does the legal plan provide you with advice, but that legal muscle is pretty slick too.

What if you could have a letter drafted from an attorney on your behalf to deal with your situation? Or what if YOUR attorney placed a phone call on your behalf to resolve a situation? Do you think that would get the dry cleaners attention??

I know it will.

You don't need to be intimidated by attorneys. When they are working together for a greater good, its an incredible thing.

For information about an amazing legal plan, check out I'm also happy to answer any questions you might have so please contact me.


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